What Are My Responsibilities as a Tenant?

Your main responsibility as a tenant is to pay your rent in full and on time every month, in the way set out in your tenancy agreement. Your other responsibilities will be set out in detail in your tenancy agreement. If you want more information about property to rent in the UK then get in touch with a Real Move agent today.

Tenant Responsibilities

Your main responsibilities as a tenant will be to pay your rent on time, pay for the utility bills and council tax for the property (unless they are included in your rent) and to keep the property in good shape while you are living there. You should not allow the property to deteriorate, or allow drains to become blocked. The garden should be kept clear, and you should test the smoke alarms regularly to ensure you will be safe in the event of a fire.

Is property maintenance my responsibility?

The landlord is responsible for maintaining the property in good working order. Having said this, they cannot do so unless they are promptly notified by the tenant of any repairs that need doing.

Is gardening my responsibility?

In most tenancies, yes. Check your tenancy agreement for details of your tenant responsibilities when it comes to the garden. In most cases, it will be your responsibility to keep the garden tidy, free from weeds and free from rubbish. Some exceptions may be house-shares where the landlord or letting agent has employed a gardener.

Am I responsible for testing smoke alarms?

Yes, tenants are generally responsible for testing the smoke alarms regularly. This should be stated in the tenancy agreement.

Are utility bills my responsibility?

In most tenancies, yes. When you move into a property you will need to take your own meter readings, and inform utility providers of a change in occupier. This means you will need to budget for gas, electricity, water, Wi-Fi, broadband and council tax payments. In some cases, the utility bills will be included in the rent. It is worth checking with your landlord if you are unsure.

Is replacing a lightbulb my responsibility?

Yes, tenants are responsible for normal household chores such as replacing lightbulbs!

Do I need to allow access for my landlord?

Yes, if your landlord needs to access the property for an inspection, viewings, maintenance or another valid reason, you need to allow them access to the property. In any circumstance, other than an emergency, your landlord or agent should give 24 hours’ notice. These details will be specified on your tenancy agreement.

Is paying for damages my responsibility?

If maintenance issues have arisen out of damages caused by the tenant (or the tenant’s pet!) then they will be expected to pay for repairs. This is usually sorted out at the end of a fixed term tenancy, and is negotiable with the landlord or agent.