Nestled in the heart of England, Bedfordshire is known for its undeniable charm and rich history. With its collection of charming market towns, expansive countryside views, and proximity to London, Bedfordshire presents an idyllic balance between the tranquil rural life and buzzing city experience.

In this guide, we delve into the depths of Bedfordshire's history, explore its renowned landmarks, and provide essential information for those considering to set up home in this dynamic county. We cover everything from outstanding educational institutions, convenient transport options, and of course, the local property market.

History of Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire boasts a long and varied history, tracing back to the ancient Roman times. With every passing era, it transformed, adding another layer to its unique history. The charming market towns of Bedfordshire were once an industrial hub during the Victorian era, particularly known for hat production and lace making. Today, you can still see the remnants of this industrial past amid the stunning Georgian and Victorian architecture that dots the region. Over time, Bedfordshire has grown and developed while still retaining its historical essence, which adds to its allure as a residential destination.


Bedfordshire is home to several fascinating landmarks that are a testament to its rich history and cultural significance. The prominent ones include the Woburn Abbey and Gardens, a beautiful historic house with an extensive deer park; the Shuttleworth Collection, known for its vintage aircrafts and automobiles; and the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, the largest wildlife conservation park in the UK.

Landmarks we love

  • The Higgins Bedford: Located in the heart of Bedford, this museum and art gallery houses an impressive collection showcasing the cultural history of Bedfordshire.
  • Bedford Castle Mound: Today, this site is a lovely public garden, but it once hosted a medieval castle. A visit here gives a glimpse into Bedfordshire's historic past.
  • Bushmead Priory: This 12th century Augustinian priory is a testament to Bedfordshire's religious history.
  • Chiltern Hills: An area of outstanding natural beauty offering panoramic views of the Bedfordshire landscape.
  • Luton Hoo: This grand mansion turned luxury hotel showcases Bedfordshire's architectural splendour.

Top 10 things to do in Bedfordshire

  • Visit Woburn Safari Park: An opportunity to get close to wild animals from the safety of your car. It's an unforgettable experience for all the family.
  • Explore Wrest Park: Dive into history by exploring the grand Wrest Park and its beautiful formal gardens.
  • Attend the Bedford River Festival: A biennial event that celebrates Bedfordshire's cultural diversity with a parade, river events, and live entertainment.
  • Visit the Forest of Marston Vale: A community forest offering opportunities for walking, cycling and bird watching.
  • Picnic at Dunstable Downs: Enjoy breathtaking views and kite flying at this high point in the Chiltern Hills.
  • Walk along the Grand Union Canal: Experience a peaceful walk with scenic views along this historic canal.
  • Attend a match at Luton Town FC: For the sports enthusiasts, nothing beats the thrill of a live football match.
  • Visit The Luton Carnival: The largest one-day carnival in Europe, filled with vibrant costumes, music, and dance.
  • Shop at Luton Indoor Market: A traditional market offering an array of goods, this is a shopping experience not to be missed.
  • Explore Greensand Ridge Walk: Discover the natural beauty of Bedfordshire along this 40-mile long walking route.

Our recommended areas to live in Bedfordshire

  • Bedford: As the county town, Bedford offers a mix of suburban and urban living. Excellent schools, a wealth of amenities and various property types make it a great choice for families.
  • Luton: With its excellent transport links to London, extensive shopping options, and varied entertainment, Luton is an attractive choice for young professionals.
  • Leighton Buzzard: This market town is filled with character and charm. Its historic center, amenities, and good transport links make it popular with those wanting a quieter lifestyle close to nature.
  • Biggleswade: Known for its community feel, Biggleswade offers a range of property types from historic homes to modern apartments. Excellent schools and amenities make this area ideal for families.
  • Flitwick: A small town with great commuter links, Flitwick boasts top-rated schools and local amenities which makes it perfect for families and professionals.

Best schools in Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire is home to several excellent schools that offer quality education. Top institutions include Bedford School and Bedford Girls' School, both known for their high academic standards and strong extracurricular programs. Luton also hosts a range of good schools including The Ferrars Academy, while Leighton Buzzard's Cedars Upper School is well-regarded. For further education, the University of Bedfordshire offers a wide range of courses and is known internationally for its modern approach to learning.

Transport links in Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire boasts convenient transport links. Road networks like the M1 provide quick access to London and the North, while the A1 connects to the East and West of the country. The region is well-served by trains, with Luton and Bedford stations providing regular services to London. Luton Airport offers international flights, opening up Bedfordshire to the world. Local buses connect towns and villages, making it easy to explore the county.

In conclusion, Bedfordshire offers a perfect balance of history, leisure, nature, and modern amenities, making it an ideal place to live. Whether you're looking for a peaceful countryside retreat or a busy town atmosphere, Bedfordshire has something for everyone. Its excellent schools, efficient transport links, and fascinating landmark attractions only add to its appeal as a perfect residential destination. If you're looking to move, Bedfordshire may just have the dream home you're searching for.

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