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RealMove helps businesses small and large source great commercial property for rent. Whether your team is expanding and you need a larger office space to rent, are opening a new store location, or require extra warehousing after a surge in demand for your product, RealMove are on hand to help you source the right property for you.

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Renting Commercial Property
Before signing a commercial property lease, consider the location, type, size and costs associated with letting that property. Is it right for your business? Are there other costs to consider? What is the location like? Follow these handy tips for selecting the right commercial property to rent.

The location is always one of the most important factors to consider when buying or renting a residential or commercial property. When it comes to the location, it must work for both the business itself, and the customers that are serviced by the business. Consider where your customers or client live, the local transport options, local road and rail infrastructure, and any local schemes to incentivise renting commercial space. It's imperative that you understand the needs of your customers at this point. Ask yourself the following questions:

  -   Do you need to be in a location with high footfall, or are most of your purchases online?
  -   Will your customers need access to parking?
  -   Can your business easily receive deliveries at this location?
  -   Are your customers easily able to access the warehouse, shop or office space via car or public transport?
  -   Does the property and location give off the right impression to customers?
  -   What is the crime rate in the area?

Type of Property
In the UK, commercial properties are separated into the property classes B2-B8 (general and specialist industrial, distribution and storage), C1 (hotels and hostels), E (commercial, business and service e.g., shops, professional services and other non-residential buildings), F1 (learning institutions, libraries and places of worship) and F2 (local community e.g., small shops, swimming pools, sports centres). When finding commercial property to rent in the UK, it is important to consider the current use of the property and whether this fits your business type. There may be costs associated with changing the use, if it is possible at all.

Costs of Office Space to Rent
The cost of renting commercial property will differ depending on the type of property (i.e., the property class), the size and location, and the wants of the landlord. A good idea is to compare rents in the local area and discuss with the landlord whether the rent is expected to be paid monthly, quarterly or in another amount. You should also consider business rates, that is, tax paid on non-residential property in the UK. Research the costs of utilities in the area. Some other hidden costs can include a rent deposit, landlord's legal fees, Land Registry search fees and a fee for Notice of Assignment.

Warehouse and Office Space to Rent with RealMove
Unsure of where to start when looking for commercial property for rent? Get in touch with one of our qualified experts for advice on where to begin looking, how to set your budget and what type of property you should be looking for.

The advanced search feature on makes it easy to find offices, warehouse buildings and shops by filtering by price, location, use, size and local facilities. Our knowledgeable local letting agents have decades of experience in letting great commercial property to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're renting your first office with a small team of people, or you're a nationally-recognised brand looking to expand your reach, RealMove is here to help.