Apartments for Rent

Many of our clients choose to find apartments or flats to rent through us because of the flexibility that renting provides and the speed and ease of the process with our platform. Apartments for rent are particularly popular because of their central location, safety and security, and affordability. Start your search today!

Search Criteria

If you're looking for a place to call home that offers you a great deal of flexibility, then renting may be the best option for you. When renting, there is flexibility in contract length and notice period which can allow for moving house regularly. This is particularly useful for those without children, with jobs that require travelling, and for those who enjoy a regular change of environment.

Renting with us means that you won't need to worry about how long it will take to buy a house when you need to move in quickly, or how long it will take to sell a property when you're relocating. You can move in as soon as the previous tenant has moved out, and don't need to wait for complicated application processes or paperwork. There also isn't a need for solicitors or surveyors, which greatly reduce the time taken to find and move into your dream home.

The process of finding flats to rent is easy with RealMove. You'll need to complete an application, pass referencing and financing checks, and pay for a security deposit for the property. Each letting agent that we work with will do things slightly differently, so its worth checking with them when you attend a property viewing. Some of our agents offer no deposit' tenancies, which are very helpful to those who don't want to pay a sum of money upfront.

Lower Cost of Living
When you rent a property, the landlord is the person responsible for the maintenance and repair costs. In a time where the cost of living is rising dramatically, with fuel, energy bills and food prices being the main culprits, renting gives one less increasing cost to worry about.

Apartments for Rent in across the UK
Whether you're a family looking for flats to rent near great schools, parks and amenities, or you're an individual looking for somewhere to relax and unwind after a long day's work, at RealMove you'll always be able to find what you're looking for.

Why Rent an Apartment?
Apartments usually offer the chance for families, couples and individuals to live in a central location. For young couples and individuals this means a chance to be close to the central hub of the city, with bars, restaurants, nightclubs and shopping mere metres away. For families, this means access to a huge array of transport options, great schooling and all the leisure amenities they could wish for.

Renting an apartment is also favored by many of our clients because of their added security. If you'd like to benefit from living on the first floor or higher, want a concierge service or extra layers of door security, an apartment is a great option for you.

Apartments for rent in the UK are often significantly cheaper than houses to rent, and this makes them a fantastic option for those looking to save money. Perhaps if you're saving for a deposit for a property purchase, or enjoy having extra income for leisure and holidays, an apartment is an affordable option.