A county of charming countryside vistas, captivating history, and vibrant urban developments, Nottinghamshire rests in the heart of England, serving as one of the most appealing places to settle. This locality offers residents the perfect blend of medieval, Tudor, and contemporary living through the architecture spread from the lush country to thriving Nottingham city.

Our area guide dives into the intriguing aspects of this region, shedding light on its rich heritage, remarkable landmarks, and appealing living areas. We explore practical information about residing in Nottinghamshire, including school systems, transport links, and property prices. Soak in the charm of Nottinghamshire and discover why it might just be your next home.

History of Nottinghamshire

Famed for its connection to the legendary Robin Hood, Nottinghamshire boasts a rich tapestry woven with significant historical moments and figures. It's marked by the ancient sandstone caves underlying the city of Nottingham, used throughout history for habitation, storage, and refuge.

From the Bronze Age to the Anglo-Saxon period, Nottinghamshire was the centre of many important events, including wars and power disputes. During the industrial revolution, the city rose to prominence for its world-renowned lace-making and coal-mining industries, making it a vital component of the UK's booming economy.


The intricate beauty of the lace Market, the iconic stature of Nottingham Castle, and the ancient network of the City of Caves predominantly constitute Nottinghamshire's historical and cultural skyline. The Lace Market, former hub of the world's lace industry, is now a protected heritage area housing authentic Victorian architecture. Nottingham Castle is a beacon of the region's vibrant history, while City of Caves, a subterranean labyrinth beneath the city, seals the region's historical uniqueness.

Landmarks we love

  • Sherwood Forest: Nestled in the heart of Nottinghamshire, the legendary Sherwood Forest is steeped in myth, being the supposed home of Robin Hood. Today, it's a delightful site for nature lovers.
  • Wollaton Hall: Situated in Wollaton, this Elizabethan mansion set amidst a scenic deer park offers a remarkable slice of history coupled with tranquil nature walks.
  • Newstead Abbey: This former Augustinian Priory turned manor house located in Newstead, boasts breathtakingly ornate gardens and a compelling history of Lord Byron.
  • Southwell Minster: Located in Southwell, this cathedral offers stunning architecture and tranquility, a perfect place for those with a penchant for historical structures.
  • Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem: Arguably the oldest inn in England set against the City of Caves, this pub in Nottingham city is a unique landmark, offering an authentic taste of Nottinghamshire's past.

Top 10 things to do in Nottinghamshire

  • Visit Nottingham Contemporary: Set in the Lace Market, this internationally acclaimed art gallery showcases world-class exhibitions.
  • Explore the National Justice Museum: Uncover tales of law and order throughout history in this captivating museum.
  • Walk the Highfields Park: This 121-acre open space surrounding the University of Nottingham is perfect for leisurely walks and picnics.
  • Attend a match at Trent Bridge: Cricket enthusiasts should definitely catch a match at this renowned cricket ground.
  • Unveil The Tales of Robin Hood: Explore Sherwood Forest, a piece of the county’s legendary folklore.
  • Experience the Goose Fair: Held in October, this fair is one of the oldest and most famous in the UK.
  • Shop at Old Market Square: Filled with street vendors and exciting festive activities throughout the year.
  • Tour Newstead Abbey: The ancestral home of Lord Byron is a must-visit for history and literature fans.
  • Appreciate Attenborough Nature Reserve: A haven for bird watchers and nature lovers.
  • Hop through the pubs: With Nottingham often called the 'City of Pubs', a pub crawl should be on your to-do list.

Our recommended areas to live in Nottinghamshire

  • West Bridgford: Perfectly positioned cues it as an ideal residential hub. It retains a vibrant high street, top-rated schools, and proximity to Nottingham city makes it high in demand for families.
  • Sherwood: Offering excellent transport links, this area also houses the stunning Sherwood Forest, making it ideal for nature lovers who also appreciate city life.
  • The Park: This sought-after residential estate is known for its exclusive array of stunning Victorian and Edwardian architecture.
  • Beeston: Ideal for families and professionals alike due to its varied housing options and swift transport link to the heart of Nottingham.
  • Mansfield: With affordable housing prices combined with access to excellent schools and the countryside, Mansfield poses an attractive option for homebuyers.

Best schools in Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire's education scene is marked by a number of high-performing schools and colleges. Primary schools such as Abbey Primary School and Jesse Gray Primary School are celebrated for their high standards and positive learning environments. Secondary education shines too, with establishments like Toot Hill School and West Bridgford School consistently ranking high in GCSE results.

For those looking to pursue further education, Nottinghamshire has a significant offering. The region is home to several high-ranking universities, including the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, both of which offer a wide range of programs and have earned the reputation of being among the top in the world, solidifying Nottinghamshire as a leading region for education at all levels.

Transport links in Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire serves as a well-connected county in the heart of England. At the centre, Nottingham proposes an extensive bus and tram network that ensures convenient commuting within the city. The Nottingham Station offers regular rail services to major UK cities, including London, Leeds, and Manchester. In terms of roads, the region is encircled by key motorways such as M1, making travelling by car or coach seamless. East Midlands Airport is easily accessible for those seeking air travel, and with frequent direct bus services from Nottingham, international commuting is hassle-free.

In conclusion, Nottinghamshire is a captivating blend of historic charm and modern vitality offering an exceptional standard of life. Its rich history manifested in its remarkable landmarks, coupled with quality education and seamless transportation links, make it an attractive choice for professionals and families. The diverse community, festivals, and gastronomic experiences certainly add to the appeal. Whether you are drawn to the vibrant city life or the serene countryside ambience, Nottinghamshire surely ticks the boxes for a well-rounded lifestyle.

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