Splendidly painted across the West Midlands of England, Worcestershire is known for its charming countryside and historical legacy. The region, primarily rural with the River Severn flowing through its heart, offers a serene balance of town and country living.

This area guide will delve into the delightful realm that Worcestershire provides for its residents. We will explore the historical background of this beloved county, its renowned landmarks, the top things to do, and offer practical insights, such as educational facilities, housing suggestions, and transport connectivity. Indubitably, Worcestershire promises a quality lifestyle with its wholesome blend of culture, heritage, and natural beauty.

History of Worcestershire

The history of Worcestershire is as rich as its landscapes are charming. The region saw substantial Roman and Saxon settlements, with numerous remnants from both eras still extant. Worcestershire played an essential role during the English Civil War, with the pivotal Battle of Worcester marking its historical significance. Later, the county grew into an agricultural hub, recognized for its production of wool, fruit, and hops. The industrial revolution also made its mark here, contributing to Worcestershire's development into the county we see today.


From its regal cathedrals to the captivating Malvern Hills, Worcestershire's landmarks never fail to impress. Worcester Cathedral, overlooking the River Severn, is an imposing 12th-century structure famed for its rich history and stunning architecture. The Malvern Hills & Commons, an attraction for nature lovers, specializes in awe-inspiring vistas. Broadway Tower, Worcestershire’s highest castle, offers unparalleled views of the surrounding landscape.

Landmarks we love

  • The Commandery: A medieval museum located in Worcester, The Commandery offers a peek into the region's complex history, particularly the English Civil War.
  • The Vale of Evesham: Known for its abundant orchards and scenic landscape, this fertile valley is a haven for nature and food lovers alike.
  • Severn Valley Railway: Journey back in time aboard a lovingly restored steam train while taking in the bucolic Worcestershire countryside.
  • Eastnor Castle: Nestled at the foot of the Malverns, Eastnor Castle is a magnificent 19th-century mock castle with splendid grounds and interiors.
  • Pershore Abbey: An ancient abbey with beautiful architecture, Pershore Abbey reflects the county's ecclesiastical past and is indeed a treat for history enthusiasts.

Top 10 things to do in Worcestershire

  • Visit Worcester Cathedral: Delve into history as you explore this magnificently preserved medieval cathedral.
  • Hike in the Malverns: Walk or cycle across these beautiful hills, catching panoramic views of the county.
  • Picnic at Gheluvelt Park: Enjoy a peaceful family picnic in this serene riverside park, dotted with play areas and commemorative monuments.
  • Explore the Severn Valley Railway: Step back in time aboard a vintage steam train travelling through the picturesque Severn Valley.
  • Experience the Elgar Birthplace Museum: Discover the life and works of composer Sir Edward Elgar at this dedicated museum.
  • Discover the Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum: Explore a wide array of artefacts and art pieces celebrating the region's past and present.
  • Stroll around Droitwich Spa: Indulge in a stroll through this quaint town known for its natural brine springs.
  • Visit the West Midland Safari Park: A must for wildlife lovers, this safari park houses a plethora of exotic species amidst remarkable scenery.
  • Explore the Avoncroft Museum: Admire a unique collection of historic buildings and structures brought to life in this open-air museum.
  • Visit Tewkesbury: Explore this medieval market town known for its timbered buildings and Tewkesbury Abbey.

Our recommended areas to live in Worcestershire

  • Worcester: As the county town, Worcester offers a vibrant city life mixed with historic charm. Its prime location, excellent transport links, and myriad amenities make it an attractive living location.
  • Malvern: Malvern is ideal for those seeking peace amidst natural beauty. Home to high-performing schools and the illustrious Malvern Hills, it's perfect for families and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Evesham: The market town of Evesham is renowned for its beautiful scenery and rich agricultural heritage. With a range of amenities and high-quality living spaces, it promises a comfortable and picturesque rural life.
  • Droitwich Spa: Renowned for its salt springs, Droitwich Spa is a thriving town rich in history and boasting excellent leisure facilities. It offers a relaxing lifestyle with easy access to major cities.
  • Kidderminster: With a growing economy, impressive schools, and a wealth of recreational options, Kidderminster promises quality living within a bustling urban setup.

Best schools in Worcestershire

Worcestershire offers a diverse range of educational institutions, providing high-quality education to its residents. The King's School Worcester, Malvern St. James Girls' School, and RGS The Grange are among the leading independent schools within the county, boasting impressive academic records. The county also has excellent state schools, such as Hagley Catholic School, Pershore High School, and St. Oswald's C.E. Primary School, which are highly regarded for their performance and student support. In higher education, the University of Worcester consistently ranks well for its education, business, and sports science programs, contributing to Worcestershire's reputation for quality education.

Transport links in Worcestershire

Living in Worcestershire means having excellent transport links. The M5 motorway provides direct access to Birmingham and the South West. Several A-roads also connect the county to neighboring regions. Worcestershire boasts multiple train stations, with Worcester's two main stations, Worcester Foregate Street and Worcester Shrub Hill, providing regular services to Birmingham, London, and beyond. Additionally, it’s an hour’s drive to Birmingham Airport, making it convenient for international travel. Public transport within the county is also efficient, with an extensive network of buses servicing the entire region.

In conclusion, Worcestershire serves as an idyllic canvas showcasing England's rural beauty. Its stunning landscapes, historical landmarks, impressive educational facilities, and top-notch transport links contribute to the county's charm. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or a city dweller seeking tranquillity, Worcestershire offers a slice of the good life for all.

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