Located in the South East of Scotland, Berwickshire is renowned for its idyllic coastal and rural spaces. Berwickshire's hallmark is its striking landscapes, ranging from the plunging cliffs and expansive beaches of the Berwickshire Coast to the rolling inland hills.

This resilient county, characterised by its distinctive stone cottages, delivers a tranquil pace of life while being conveniently close to exciting city centres such as Edinburgh. Our area guide explores the robustly Scottish nature of Berwickshire whilst also providing practical information on living conditions, schools, transport, and property prices.

History of Berwickshire

Berwickshire's history is marked by a tumultuous mix of English and Scottish influences. For centuries, the region was a central battleground in the Anglo-Scottish Wars, leaving a legacy of fortifications such as Greenknowe Tower and Ayton Castle. Berwickshire developed main occupations in fishing and farming, benefiting from rich soil and vast coastal waters. The region's status as a hub of borderland culture and changing hands between Scotland and England led to a fascinating hybridity in its identity, which places a high value on independence, resilience, and community spirit.


Berwickshire harbours some of the UK’s top landmarks, starting with St. Abbs Head, a wild headland known for its biodiversity and dramatic cliffs. Another is Eyemouth Harbour, the historic centre of Berwickshire's fishing industry. Lastly, we find the Berwickshire Coastal Path, a famous hiking trail offering superb views of the landscape.

Landmarks we love

  • Edin’s Hall Broch near Duns is not only the best-preserved broch in Southern Scotland but also provides a scenic spot to enjoy the county’s natural beauty.
  • Manderston House in Duns is a splendid Edwardian mansion showcasing the pinnacle of stately-home elegance and comfort.
  • The Gin and Whisky Distillery in Duns offers a first-hand look into the intricate process of gin and whisky making, coupled with history and samples.
  • Ayton Castle near Eyemouth, is a Victorian castle, a testament to Berwickshire's rich and aristocratic past.
  • Coldingham Bay is a charming and popular beach, known for its golden sands and clear blue waters, perfect for family outings.

Top 10 things to do in Berwickshire

  • Visit the National Trust for Scotland’s St Abb's Head National Nature Reserve.
  • Tour Eyemouth Museum and recognise the area’s fishing heritage.
  • Experience a show at The Volunteer Hall, Duns.
  • Hike the Berwickshire Coastal Path for outstanding sea views.
  • Explore the Paxton House, a historic country house with stunning gardens and woodland.
  • Visit the Edrom Nurseries for a variety of rare plant species.
  • Play golf at one of Berwickshire's several stunning golf courses, such as Eyemouth Golf Club or Duns Golf Club.
  • Sample the local culinary scene in the numerous pubs and eateries scattered across the county.
  • Go bird watching at the St Abb's Head for some of the best seabird viewing spots in Britain.
  • Enjoy water sports at Coldingham Bay or Eyemouth.

Our recommended areas to live in Berwickshire

  • Duns: Known as the gateway to the Scottish Borders, Duns offers local amenities and lots of community events.
  • Eyemouth: With a working harbour, beautiful bay and a variety of local businesses, Eyemouth exemplifies coastal living.
  • Coldingham: Renowned for the fantastic Coldingham Bay, it is a perfect area for those who love the coastal living.
  • Coldstream: Famous for its watch-making and as the birthplace of the Coldstream Guards, Coldstream offers peaceful living with a sense of history.
  • Greenlaw: Greenlaw, the former county town, is perfect for those looking for serene countryside living with historical charm.

Best schools in Berwickshire

Berwickshire homes a wide range of excellent schools. With both primary and secondary schools boasting high standards and a dedicated teaching staff, families can be confident in the educational opportunities. Top schools include Berwickshire High School, Eyemouth High School, Duns Primary School, and Chirnside Primary School. Further education is easily accessible with colleges and universities in nearby cities like Edinburgh, offering a wealth of academic pathways and vocational routes.

For those seeking independent education, schools like St. Mary's School, Melrose and Longridge Towers School offer a high standard of teaching in a nurturing environment.

Transport links in Berwickshire

Berwickshire offers an expansive network of bus services connecting the county with nearby towns in the Borders region and beyond. Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, is only a short journey away by car or by bus. Meanwhile, Berwick-upon-Tweed railway station provides convenient links to central Scotland, north-east England, and London. For air travel, the nearest international airports are found in Edinburgh and Newcastle.

In conclusion, Berickshire promises tranquil, countryside living amidst a wealth of natural beauty, historic landmarks, and local charm. Its unique location offers its residents access to the charms of rural and coastal life, while remaining within reach of bustling city centres like Edinburgh. With excellent schools, efficient transportation systems, a welcoming community, and a diverse range of activities on offer, individuals and families alike will find Berwickshire to be a haven and a home.

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