Nestled in the west of Wales, Cardiganshire or, as it is locally known, Ceredigion, is known for its mesmerising coastline and rolling inland hills, presenting an idyllic setting for life. From the vibrant seaside towns to the tranquil countryside, Cardiganshire finds the perfect balance between peaceful living and exhilarating activities.

In this area guide, we take you through this enticing county, exploring its rich history, notable landmarks, and thriving communities; we also provide practical advice on places to live, schools, and transport options, offering a comprehensive view of life in Cardiganshire.

History of Cardiganshire

The history of Cardiganshire is steeped in early medieval traditions when it was a part of the kingdom of Ceredigion. The region has a diverse heritage, from Roman occupation to the rich farming tradition that still thrives today. Cardiganshire became a hub for the Welsh wool industry in the Middle Ages, resulting in prosperity that is evident in the grand architecture found throughout the region. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the county expanded further with the growth of lead and silver mining industry. Its heritage is a blend of its Celtic roots, Medieval development, and subsequent Industrial evolution.


Cardiganshire is known for its breathtaking landscapes and historical landmarks. One can't mention Cardiganshire without Aberystwyth's Victorian and Edwardian town centre, offering picturesque seafront views. Cardigan Bay, the largest Bay in the British Isles, home to a thriving marine wildlife population. Lastly, the Devil's Bridge, a fabled and magnificent trio of bridges attracting curious visitors from every corner.

Landmarks we love

  • Strata Florida Abbey, Pontrhydfendigaid: A charming piece of history, the Abbey's ruins take you back to when it was an important Cistercian monastery in the 12th Century.
  • Llanerchaeron: This Georgian villa designed by John Nash makes it onto our list for its timeless elegance and beautifully preserved interiors.
  • Ceredigion Museum: Housed in an old theatre, the museum offers a fascinating journey through the county's past.
  • Pentre Ifan: As Wales' most popular megalithic site, this monument offers a peek into the Neolithic era with its impressive burial chamber.
  • Cardigan Castle: After an extensive restoration, Cardigan Castle is now a must-visit landmark, merging history with a luxury stay and dining experience.

Top 10 things to do in Cardiganshire

  • Aberystwyth Cliff Railway: Enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Cardigan Bay from the comfort of this funicular railway.
  • Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre: Get up close with marine life, including bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals, in their natural habitat.

Our recommended areas to live in Cardiganshire

  • Aberystwyth: Renowned for its vibrant student scene, this bustling seaside town offers a range of entertainment and dining options, all framed by an impressive seafront setting.

Best schools in Cardiganshire

Cardiganshire offers excellent educational opportunities from primary to tertiary level. Schools are embedded with a passion for the Welsh language and culture, with many offering bilingual education options. In higher education, Aberystwyth University is internationally acclaimed for its range of courses, particularly in Art and Geography.

Transport links in Cardiganshire

The area is serviced by a comprehensive network of road, rail, and bus services, connecting towns within the county and beyond. Aberystwyth serves as a main hub, with regular rail links to Shrewsbury and Birmingham. There are also regular bus services across the county, making it easy to explore the region.

In conclusion, Cardiganshire merges authentic Welsh living with modern conveniences. Its rich past, natural beauty, balanced lifestyle, and the warm people make it an attractive prospect for anyone looking for a life-changing move in Wales.

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