Nestled just north of Greater London, Hertfordshire boasts an alluring mix of urban and rural experiences, English charm, and rich history. It's a place where quaint hamlets, lush landscapes, and majestic stately homes comfortably coexist with bustling towns, modern amenities, and excellent transport links.

With our area guide, we dive right into Hertfordshire's wealth of offerings, ranging from its rich history and must-visit landmarks to its notable educational institutions and enviable transport links. Whether you're drawn to Hertfordshire's tranquil countryside appeal, its dynamic towns brimming with culture, or the solid investment potential of its property market, we cover it all to help you discover and live your best life in Hertfordshire.

History of Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire has been inhabited since the Middle Stone Age and has a rich tapestry of historical influences from various periods. Iron Age fortifications, Roman villas, Norman castles, and Tudor houses are just a few of the historical imprints visible across the county. As a strategic location close to London, Hertfordshire has experienced significant development since the 20th century, with several new towns established post-World War II, adding to the architectural and cultural diversity of the region.


When it comes to landmarks, Hertfordshire does not disappoint. From the imposing Norman fortress known as Hertford Castle and the 15th-century cathedral city of St Albans, to the legendary Harry Potter Studios - a must-visit for fans of the franchise, Hertfordshire offers a multitude of landmarks that reflect its historical richness and cultural diversity.

Landmarks we love

  • Knebworth House: Located in Knebworth, this grand Tudor Gothic mansion is famed for its concerts featuring world-renowned artists. Its stunning gardens and park are also worth exploring.
  • Hatfield House: In Hatfield, this Jacobean house is set in a vast park and is known for its rich furnishings and fine paintings.
  • Hitchin Lavender: Based in Hitchin, this sprawling lavender farm offers fragrant beauty and perfect scenery for summer picnics.
  • Royston Cave: This underground cave in Royston is adorned with mysterious, medieval carvings.
  • Verulamium Museum: St Albans is home to this museum, which showcases everyday life in Roman Britain.

Top 10 things to do in Hertfordshire

  • Explore St Albans: Wander through the city's vibrant market and visit St Albans Cathedral, one of the oldest in the UK.
  • Visit Harry Potter Studios: Discover behind-the-scenes secrets at this extraordinary film studio.
  • Enjoy a day at Knebworth House: Alongside the historic house, explore the dinosaur trail and extensive gardens.
  • Visit Hitchin Lavender: Have a picnic amidst fragrant lavender fields.
  • Experience Welwyn Garden City: Wander through this charming city, exploring its unique architecture and lush parks.
  • Walk the River Lea: Enjoy the countryside with a stroll along the River Lea, one of England's longest rivers.
  • Roam Verulamium Park: This beautiful park offers a lake, sports facilities and breathtaking views of St Albans Cathedral.
  • Explore Hatfield House: Visit this impressive Jacobean house and expansive parkland.
  • Discover Royston Cave: Explore the mysterious medieval carvings in this hidden underground cave.
  • Relax at Therfield Heath: Enjoy a picnic or a leisurely walk at this nature reserve, offering splendid views across the Hertfordshire countryside.

Our recommended areas to live in Hertfordshire

  • St Albans: This vibrant city holds a rich historical legacy and is well-appointed with amenities, excellent schools, a lively market, and great transport connections to London.
  • Hitchin: With its wonderful community spirit, Hitchin boasts a charming town centre, a range of high-quality schools, and a weekly market that's been going since medieval times.
  • Broxbourne: For those yearning for waterside living, Broxbourne, with its access to the River Lea and multitude of green spaces, provides an idyllic setting.
  • Welwyn Garden City: Known for its well-planned layout and unique blend of town and country, Welwyn Garden City offers good schools, a broad range of amenities, and efficient transport links.
  • Harpenden: Enjoying a village-like feel, Harpenden is home to some of the best schools in the county, a variety of leisure facilities, and speedy train services to London.

Best schools in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire takes pride in its exceptional educational institutions. The county offers a range of high-performing primary, secondary, and independent schools. St Albans Girls' School, Hitchin Boys' Grammar School, and Watford Girls Grammar are just a few that consistently rank highly for their academic performance. In terms of higher education, the University of Hertfordshire, located in Hatfield, offers a broad array of courses, covering fields as diverse as business, engineering, health, and the creative arts.

Transport links in Hertfordshire

Located close to London and major regional centres, Hertfordshire boasts excellent transport links. The M1 and M25 motorways traverse the county, granting easy vehicular access to London and beyond. But it's Hertfordshire's public transport that really shines. The county's extensive rail network provides fast and regular services to London (with 20-30 minute journeys to King's Cross), and direct links to large regional centres such as Cambridge and Peterborough. Air travel is also convenient with London's Luton and Heathrow airports easily accessible.

Hertfordshire is a land rich with history, culture, and natural beauty. It combines the quintessential English countryside charm with bustling market towns, excellent schools, and swift transport links to London and beyond. Whether you're settling for the idyllic rural life, the dynamic city buzz, or a bit of both, Hertfordshire truly caters for all lifestyles. Its diverse property market, ranging from characterful period houses to modern apartments, and its prospering economy make it a safe and sound investment for any homebuyer. Hertfordshire is not just a county; it's a lifestyle - rural and relaxing, yet vibrant and connected.

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