Nestled away in the heartland of England, Huntingdonshire's pleasant landscape and history create a delightful setting for both local residents and new comers alike. The countryside presents a fairytale blend of greenery, rivers, and quaint villages adorned with different types of homes from classic cottages to modern residential buildings, and rightfully boasts some of the finest rural landscapes the United Kingdom has to offer.

In this area guide, we take you through this historical county right in the heart of England. We provide an in-depth perspective about the vibrant lifestyle of towns such as Huntingdon, St. Ives, and St. Neots; as well as providing useful details about living in Huntingdonshire including information about education, transport and property prices.

History of Huntingdonshire

Historically known as the 'Huntingtonshire', the county has roots tracing back to Roman times. Over the centuries, Huntingdonshire underwent several transformations, from a royal hunting forest during the Middle Ages to a district under Cambridgeshire in 1974. Despite the administrative changes, today Huntingdonshire's identity remains distinct and remembered. The county has managed to preserve its rich heritage including architectural landmarks, old marketplaces and a distinct countryside ambiance. The historical figures associated with the Region, including Oliver Cromwell and Samuel Pepys, contribute to Huntingdonshire's rich history and cultural importance.


The Huntingdonshire district is home to some historically important landmarks. The Hinchingbrooke House, known for its rich architectural history dating back to the 11th century, highlights this area's connection to the past. The house now operates as a public attraction and a sixth form college. The Cromwell Museum, located in a historic school building, is another worthy site that provides a deep insight into the life and history of Oliver Cromwell. Thirdly, we have St Ives Bridge, an architectural marvel that extends across the River Great Ouse, this 15th century construction serves as a symbolic icon of the picturesque town of St Ives.

Landmarks we love

  • Houghton Mill: Located in Houghton, This 18th century watermill offers an authentic milling experience and beautiful riverside walks.
  • Godmanchester Roman Town: Based in Godmanchester, the remains of this ancient Roman town provide a fascinating glimpse into the area's historic past.
  • Brampton Wood: Located near Brampton, this ancient woodland is a haven for wildlife and offers peaceful walking trails for nature lovers.
  • Hamerton Zoo Park: Based in Hamerton, this small, friendly zoological garden is home to various unique and endangered exotic species.
  • St Mary's Church: Based in Eynesbury, this 13th Century grade I listed building is one of the oldest churches in the county.

Top 10 things to do in Huntingdonshire

  • Johnson's Farm Old Hurst: Located in Old Hurst, this delightful farm offers a unique dining experience along with a chance to interact with various farm animals.
  • Grafham Water Centre: This outdoor and water-sport adventure centre in Grafham caters to thrill-seekers and nature lovers.
  • The Norris Museum: Sitting in the heart of St Ives, this small local museum offers insight into the history and culture of the area.
  • Huntingdon Racecourse: Located in Brampton, the racecourse is perfect for a day of entertainment with thrilling horse races.
  • Riverside Park: This beautiful park in St Neots sits along the banks of the River Great Ouse and offers walks, playgrounds and breathtaking scenery.
  • Houghton Mill: This ancient mill in Houghton also hosts various art exhibitions and activities for the whole family.
  • St Neots Museum: Located in St Neots, this local museum focuses on the town's significant historical contributions.
  • Hamerton Zoo Park: This conservation-focused zoo in Hamerton offers a lovely day out for the family.
  • Huntingdonshire History Festival: This annual festival in Huntingdon offers various historical reenactments, shows, talks and walks.
  • Paxton Pits Nature Reserve: Located in Little Paxton, this natural reserve offers a serene experience with a variety of wildlife and beautiful walking trails.

Our recommended areas to live in Huntingdonshire

  • Huntingdon: As the county town of Huntingdonshire, Huntingdon offers all the amenities required for a comfortable life. With fascinating history, charming cobbled streets, numerous cafes, and a riverside park, living here puts you in the hub of activity with the charm of rural life as your backdrop.

  • St. Ives: This charming market town is perfect for those who crave a tranquil lifestyle with the conveniences of urban life. With its stunning river views, thriving market, and strong community spirit, life in St. Ives is perfect for families and those seeking peace and serenity.
  • St. Neots: Known to be Huntingdonshire’s leading retail hub rich in history, St Neots is ideal for young families and professionals who desire balance between work and life. The rich local culture, range of eateries and good schools make it a place to consider when choosing where to reside in Huntingdonshire.
  • Godmanchester: This small town exemplifies rural English charm to it's fullest. The well-preserved historical architecture, charming riverside park and overall community spirit here creates a sense of belonging rare in today's modern world. This is a superb place to settle for people seeking a peaceful life in surroundings of historical significance.
  • Brampton: Nestled away yet conveniently near the A1, Brampton offers a mix of modern suburban lifestyle within reach of a rich history and beautiful countryside. A good school system, a golf course and other amenities makes it attractive for families.

Best schools in Huntingdonshire

The district offers several primary, secondary and special schools renowned for their academic excellence and extra-curricular activities. In Huntingdon, notable schools include St Peter’s School, renowned for its outstanding academic record and student support. The Hinchingbrooke School, located in a 17th-century mansion, offers a rich curriculum with plenty of extra-curricular programs.

In St Neots, Longsands Academy has been recognised repeatedly for it’s high standards of learning, while nearby, Priory Park Infant School ensures a strong academic foundation for children. Each of these schools not only provides excellent education, but also supports a wholesome student lifestyle with an array of extracurricular activities.

Godmanchester Community Academy is one of the area's top-performing primary schools, known for its welcoming atmosphere. St Ivo School, located in St. Ives, is an esteemed secondary school with commendable GCSE results. There are also excellent special schools in the district, such as Spring Common Academy, committed to providing support for children with complex learning needs.

Transport links in Huntingdonshire

Even though the district is pervaded by countryside charm, the infrastructure in Huntingdonshire is excellent, providing residents and visitors with sufficient transport connectivity. The area is well served by several major motorway links, including the A1 and A14, facilitating easy access to Cambridge, London and the North.

The railway network is equally efficient with Huntingdon and St.Neots stations offering a regular service to London's King's Cross, journey durations are less than an hour. The well-organised bus service through the district and to major surrounding cities further enhances convenience for residents, while cycling routes like the National Cycle Route 51 offer environmentally-friendly alternatives. The relatively close location of major airports like Luton and Stansted also adds to the transport efficiency.

In conclusion, Huntingdonshire's wonderful combination of bustling market towns, precious historical landmarks, vast green spaces, and high standard of living, offers a unique appeal to all who decide to call it home. Residents enjoy the tranquility of the English countryside combined with the comely charm of historic market towns, all while benefitting from modern conveniences like great schools and smooth connectivity. Truly, Huntingdonshire is an exquisite blend of old and new, and an exceptional place to live, work and visit.

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