Nestled in the heart of Scotland, Kinross-shire is a charming county that harmoniously blends verdant landscapes, rich history, and lively towns. Encircled by Perthshire, Fife, and Clackmannanshire, Kinross-shire stands as a testament to Scotland's diverse topography and deeply ingrained cultural ethos.

In our area guide, we delve in-depth into this captivating county, showcasing the tranquil expanses of countryside life, the bustling attractions of towns like Kinross, and the plethora of historical landmarks. Moreover, we provide practical information about living in Kinross-shire, including information about schools, transport facilities, and property prices.

History of Kinross-shire

The history of Kinross-shire is intricately tied to its strategic geographical location. The Romans established a major camp here due to its proximity to Fife and Perthshire. The county's emblem, the swan, originates from the 9th century when the Norse king Eystein invaded and wintered here. St Serf transformed a raven that annoyed Eystein into a swan, creating an enduring symbol of the region. In the late 18th century, the industrial revolution brought prosperity to the county. Kinross-shire's rich history beautifully mirrors Scotland’s diverse and captivating past.


Kinross-shire is a treasure trove of awe-inspiring landmarks. Top of the list is Loch Leven, the largest lowland loch in Scotland, known for its rich biodiversity and the historic Lochleven Castle. Burleigh Castle and its adjoining towers are another imposing landmark dating back to the 15th century. For nature lovers, RSPB Loch Leven reserves an astonishing array of wildlife and plant species, earning it a place on any visitor's itinerary.

Landmarks we love

  • Bishop Hill: Situated in Portmoak, Bishop Hill exhibits a dramatic landscape owned by the Woodland Trust Scotland. It’s an idyllic spot for hiking, spotting wildlife, and soaking in panoramic views.
  • Maryburgh Inn: This historic inn located at Forteviot, is known for its delectable food, traditional ale, and welcoming atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot for a warm cosy dinner.
  • Kinross Farmers Market: Set in the town square, the Kinross Farmers Market is a vibrant gathering of local vendors and artisans showcasing Scotland's best produce.
  • Pier at Kinross: Nestled on the banks of Loch Leven, this scenic spot offers captivating views of the expansive loch and surrounding nature. It’s also a popular spot for boat tours.
  • Michael Bruce Cottage: This homely museum in Kinnesswood is dedicated to the Scottish poet Michael Bruce, encapsulating the county's cultural heritage.
  • Top 10 things to do in Kinross-shire

    • Hike Up Bishop Hill: Located in Portmoak, climbers can enjoy stunning views across Loch Leven and the surrounding countryside.
    • Visit Lochleven Castle: Explore this historic castle set on an island within Loch Leven, accessible by boat from Kinross.
    • Explore RSPB Loch Leven: A haven for nature lovers, the reserve offers excellent wildlife watching opportunities throughout the year.
    • Stroll Through Kinross House Gardens: Visit the meticulously maintained formal gardens of Scotland's first neoclassical Palladian mansion.
    • Relax at the Pier at Kinross: Enjoy a peaceful boat ride across Loch Leven and soak in the tranquil surroundings.
    • Experience Kinross Farmers Market: Browse the stalls of quality local produce and crafts, all set in the beautiful town square.
    • Dine at Maryburgh Inn: Feast on traditional Scottish fare in this cosy inn, renowned for its hospitality.
    • Visit the Scottish Gliding Centre: Experience the unique thrill of soaring through the skies in a glider.
    • Explore Burleigh Castle: Discover the history of this 15th century castle and its adjoining towers.
    • Tour the Michael Bruce Cottage: Stroll through this charming museum dedicated to poet Michael Bruce, nestled in Kinnesswood village.
    • Our recommended areas to live in Kinross-shire

      • Kinross: Lying on the shores of Loch Leven, Kinross combines the convenience of urban living with the tranquillity of nature.
      • Milnathort: This picturesque village nestled in the Ochil Hills is the perfect retreat for those seeking peace and quiet.
      • Portmoak: This scenic locale offers idyllic country living with easy access to Bishop Hill and Loch Leven.
      • Cleish: The small, beautiful village of Cleish offers a strong community spirit, scenic surroundings, and high-quality local schools.
      • Loch Leven: This stunning locale boasts enviable views of the loch, proximity to nature reserves, and beautiful properties.
      • Best schools in Kinross-shire

        Kinross-shire boasts an excellent selection of schools for all age groups. For primary education, Milnathort Primary School boasts a long-standing reputation for excellence in teaching. Portmoak Primary School is another highly-rated institution, which consistently earns high reviews from parents and inspectors alike.

        For secondary education, Kinross High School is top-notch. Located in the heart of Kinross, this school is known for its broad curriculum and commitment to student development. A smaller, but highly regarded secondary school, Loch Leven Community Campus offers excellent facilities and a nurturing learning environment for students. Post-secondary education is also amply catered for, with close proximity to leading Scottish universities and colleges.

        Transport links in Kinross-shire

        As a central location, Kinross-shire enjoys excellent transport links. The M90 runs through Kinross-shire, connecting it to Perth and Edinburgh. For those relying on public transport, regular bus and coach services operate from Kinross to major Scottish cities and towns. The local railway station at Cowdenbeath, around a 20-minute drive from Kinross, provides frequent services to Edinburgh and beyond. For international travel, Edinburgh Airport is a convenient 40-minute drive away.

        Overall, Kinross-shire is a harmonious blend of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant urban liveability. Its charm lies not only in the tranquil landscapes and architectural wonders it houses, but also in the warm hospitality of its towns. The region's excellent schools, efficient transport links, and high-quality residential areas make it a great place to live for individuals and families alike. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the tranquillity of countryside living, relish the hustle and bustle of a vibrant town, or explore fascinating landmarks, Kinross-shire welcomes you with open arms.

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