Amid Powys, Wales, rests the timeless charm of Montgomeryshire. Modest yet bursting with beautiful natural landscapes, its gem-like rural communities, history-rich towns, and diverse local life all contribute to its unique appeal. The region offers tranquility of country living imbued with the appeal of nearby vibrant cities such as Shrewsbury and Chester.

In this area guide, we uncover the enticing aspects of Montgomeryshire. From its historical background that shaped its heritage to the top landmarks that flutter the feathers of explorers, the best places to live, transport links and local schools, we will provide a closer look at why Montgomeryshire might be a desirable home destination. Delve into the wealth of information we have gathered from our intimate knowledge of Montgomeryshire.

History of Montogomeryshire

Montgomeryshire, known in Welsh as "Sir Drefaldwyn", has a deep-seated history that deeply contributes to its charm. The region has witnessed the rise and fall of ancient Welsh Kingdoms, the turmoil of the Norman Conquest, and the shifting cultural landscape of modern era. Named after Roger de Montgomerie, one of William the Conqueror's main counselors, the region prides itself on a well-preserved wealth of historical architecture reflecting the diverse cultures that have called it home.

The county attracted many significant figures in history, including Owain Glyndŵr, a revered Welsh nationalist who led the revolt against English rule in the 15th century. It's these recurrent themes in the region's past that shape the fabric of Montgomeryshire today.


Montgomeryshire's beauty is adorned by an array of landmarks. The Montgomery Castle perched atop a hill offers unparalleled panoramic views of the town and countryside. A visit to Powis Castle, a sublime medieval castle surrounded by stunning gardens, instantly takes you back centuries. The Clywedog Dam, one of the UK’s most important nature conservation sites, showcases the delicate balance between human craftsmanship and nature’s artistry.

Landmarks we love

  • Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall - Delight in the serene ambiance of the UK's highest waterfall, considered one of Wales' Seven Wonders.
  • Glansevern Hall Gardens - These stunning gardens represent an eclectic mix of classic and modern garden design nestled in 25 acres area.
  • Llanidloes Market Hall - Discover local products and meet friendly locals in this bustling market situated in a Grade II listed building.
  • Llanfyllin Workhouse - This unique landmark features a historic workhouse turned into a vibrant community center for arts and music.
  • Gregynog Hall - Set within 750 acres of countryside, this historic hall has hosted distinguished guests from all over the world.

Top things to do in Montgomeryshire

  • Explore the Montgomeryshire Canal - Enjoy a peaceful walk along the towpath or enjoy a leisurely boat trip.
  • Visit Machinations Visitor Centre - Learn about the magic of mechanical movements at the only permanent exhibition of Mechanical Theatre in the UK.
  • Experience Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway - Experience a vintage steam engine ride through 8 miles of beautiful countryside.
  • Walk the Glyndŵr's Way - This National Trail passes through some of the most stunning landscapes in Wales.
  • Visit Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust Visitor Centres - Learn about local flora and fauna.
  • Explore Offa’s Dyke - A long ancient trail bordering England and Wales, perfect for hikers and history buffs.
  • Fish on the River Severn - Try your hand at catching the native Brown Trout or Grayling.
  • Visit Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture - A magical kingdom filled with flamboyant and unique works by this iconic artist.
  • Visit Dolforwyn Castle - Marvel at the spectacular views over the Severn and Trannon Valleys from this medieval fortress.
  • Shop in Welshpool's Bustling Market - Find local farm produce and unique crafts.

Our recommended areas to live in Montgomeryshire

  • Newtown - As the largest town in Montgomeryshire, Newtown offers a balance of urban conveniences and natural beauty. Eateries, shops, and recreational facilities contrast with the River Severn meandering through the town, providing a harmonious blend of city and country living.
  • Welshpool - Home to a bustling market town and the charming Powis Castle, Welshpool offers a welcoming community and a laid-back lifestyle. Its wonderful canals offer spectacular views and leisurely walks.
  • Montgomery - This small town retains its medieval layout and charm. It boasts a unique mix of history and heritage and is perfect for those seeking a peaceful, rural location.
  • Llanidloes - Llanidloes prides itself as being friendly and artistic. Excellent schools, affordable housing, and surrounding natural beauty make it a fantastic family-friendly location.
  • Llanfyllin - Home to one of Wales's best secondary schools, Llanfyllin offers a peaceful community atmosphere with easy access to nearby towns and cities.

Best schools in Montgomeryshire

Education is well catered for in Montgomeryshire, with excellent options for both primary and secondary schooling. Newtown hosts Powys High School, recognized for its high quality of teaching and wide range of extracurricular activities. Llanfyllin High School is one of Wales's top performing comprehensive schools, boasting excellent academic results and facilities. For younger children, Gungrog Church in Wales Nursery and Infant School offers a caring and positive start to education.

Additionally, the area provides for further education with the Newtown College that offers a broad spectrum of full-time and part-time programs. For those interested in additional specialist education, Theatr Hafren provides a dedicated centre for music, dance, and drama.

Transport links in Montgomeryshire

Montgomeryshire provides excellent transport links, catering to both commuters and tourists. The Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth railway line runs directly through the county, with stations in Newtown, Welshpool and Machynlleth facilitating quick and scenic travel through Central Wales. The A483 and A489 offer excellent road links to larger cities such as Shrewsbury and Chester.

A variety of local bus services traverse the picturesque landscape, linking towns, smaller communities, and places of interest. Despite its rural character, Montgomeryshire is well connected with air travel too, with Birmingham and Liverpool airports both accessible via a short drive.

The endearing quality of Montgomeryshire lies in its perfect blend of peaceful countryside, rich history, cultural vibrancy, illustrious landmarks, and welcoming communities. Its well-connected transport system and top-graded schools increase its appeal, making it an attractive place for different demographics. Whether you are visiting or intending to reside, Montgomeryshire offers a taste of Welsh charm that is genuinely intoxicating and promises a lifestyle you can readily fall in love with. Boasting awe-inspiring outdoors to an array of recreational activities and from embracing history to experiencing a lively market atmosphere in towns, Montgomeryshire encapsulates an authentic Welsh lifestyle.

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