Located in the southeastern heart of Scotland, Roxburghshire borders Northumberland and Cumbria in England. Known for its undulating hills, quiet country lanes and quaint towns, Roxburghshire combines serene countryside living with a rich cultural heritage.

In our area guide, we delve into this picturesque commune, known for its warm locals and vibrant sense of community. We will cover the historical landmarks, significant cultural spots and provide crucial information about living in Roxburghshire, including details about the top schools, efficient transport links and commendable residential areas.

History of Roxburghshire

Named after the historic county town of Roxburgh, Roxburghshire first came into existence as a shire in the 12th century. The location was historically part of the Kingdom of Scotland and had seen many invasions and battles in its early years, including the Wars of Scottish Independence. One of its most significant historical highlights is Roxburgh Castle, an impressive fortress that played a significant role in the historical conflicts between England and Scotland. The region is now part of the Scottish Borders council area, offering residents a glimpse into its vibrant past through historical sites while providing modern amenities for today's living.


Despite its tranquil exterior, Roxburghshire is home to several striking landmarks. The Floors Castle stands as a symbol of power and prestige, showcasing Scotland's largest inhabited castle. The Jedburgh Abbey, a remarkable 12th Century Augustinian abbey, serves as a testament to the region's monastic past. And finally, the Kelso Square, with its notable Georgian architecture and charming local boutiques, encapsulates the community spirit of Roxburghshire.

Landmarks we love

  • Fat Lips Tower: Located at Minto Crags, this peculiarly named tower offers panoramic views of the Cheviot Hills and Teviotdale.
  • Harestanes Countryside Visitor Centre: In Ancrum, this visitor centre offers endless walks, educational workshops and a fun-filled playpark for families.
  • The Borders Distillery: Based in Hawick, it's the first whisky distillery in the Scottish Borders since 1837, offering insightful guided tours.
  • Wilton Lodge Park: This Victorian public park based in Hawick, beacons with colourful blooms, a museum, playground and walking trails.
  • The Waterloo Monument: Perched atop Peniel Heugh, it commemorates the Battle of Waterloo and offers panoramic views.

Top 10 things to do in Roxburghshire

  • Explore Born in the Borders: An award winning visitor centre on the banks of the River Teviot showcasing everything that’s good about the Scottish Borders.
  • Mapperley Golf Course: Play a round on this challenging 18 holes course set in parklands.
  • Abbottsford House: Visit the beautiful home of Sir Walter Scott, filled with his relics and beloved possessions.
  • Hike the Eildon Hills: This trio of hill summits offer dramatic views over Melrose and the Scottish Borders.
  • Visit Hawick Museum: Discover Roxburghshire's historical treasures and artistic wonders.
  • Fishing in River Tweed:Renowned for its salmon fishing, experience a true Scottish past-time.
  • Cycle the Borderloop4: A scenic 250-mile loop that lets you explore the entire Scottish borders on bike.
  • Visit Common Riding: A fascinating local custom held in Hawick, provides an captivating cultural experience.
  • Visit Kelso Farmer’s Market: Experience local produce and vibrant community spirit.
  • Explore St Boswells Books: A delightful haven for book lovers, tucked away in a quaint village.

Our recommended areas to live in Roxburghshire

  • Kelso: A thriving market town with a charming square, wonderful shops and housing an excellent community spirit.
  • Hawick: A town renowned for its stunning parklands, rich local culture and heritage. Particularly appealing is the historical Wilton Lodge Park.
  • Jedburgh: This bustling town offers fantastic schooling with its highly-regarded Jedburgh Grammar Campus. The area is also perfect for history buffs with sites like Jedburgh Abbey.
  • Melrose: A charming town known for its boutique shops, quality eating places and the famed Melrose rugby sevens tournament.
  • Newcastleton (Copshaw Holm): A small village offering a close-knit community, great outdoor activities and wonderful countryside views.

Best schools in Roxburghshire

The standards of education in Roxburghshire are high, with many schools ranking top on league tables. Some of these schools include Kelso High School, known for its excellent academic results and Hawick High School, acknowledged for its wide range of extracurricular activities. Jedburgh Grammar Campus, a brand new 2-18 school and campus opened in 2020, and has innovative teaching spaces and extensive outdoor learning areas. Younger children have excellent options with schools like West Linton Primary offering a nurturing environment. The area also provides plenty of childcare facilities, making it an ideal location for families.

Transport links in Roxburghshire

Roxburghshire offers an efficient transport system, with easy access to major roads like the A68 and A7 for reaching surrounding cities like Edinburgh. The area is also served by several local and regional bus services that enable commuting within and outside the region. Berwick-upon-Tweed and Tweedbank serve as the nearest train stations offering links to Edinburgh and beyond. Closest airports are Edinburgh and Newcastle airports - crucial for overseas travel.

In conclusion, Roxburghshire is a beautiful region brimming with character, history, and life. It brilliantly balances the tranquility and beauty of rural living with a lively community spirit. The high standard of local schools, excellent transport links, and rich heritage make Roxburghshire a prefect choice for those seeking a vibrant yet serene place to live, work and relax.

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