Located in the dazzling southern uplands of Scotland, Selkirkshire exhibits the quintessential charm of rural Scottish life and natural beauty. Originally, a county of Scotland, today, Selkirkshire primarily embodies the town of Selkirk and its surrounding region.

Our area guide, acquaints you with this marvellous, tranquil region spreading from forests to farmland to enchanting hills. Selkirkshire's beauty is potent with history, culture, and a variety of outdoor activities. We will also provide practical guidance for settling in Selkirkshire, with information on education, transport, landmark attractions, and property prices.

History of Selkirkshire

Selkirkshire, a historic county nestled in the Scottish borders, treads back to the beginnings of Scotland itself. Its history is braided with tales of Romans, borders warfare, noble clans, and ballads drafted by legendary bards. A local point of interest, Selkirk, was once the county town and is teeming with fascinating historical anecdotes.

The name 'Selkirk' means 'Church of the Shielings' in old Scottish. The town prides itself immensely for its association with William Wallace, who was proclaimed Overlord of Scotland here in 1297. Rich in historical allure, Selkirkshire unrolls like a beautifully woven historical manuscript, replete with tales both joyous and solemn.


Famous landmarks adorn Selkirkshire, exhibiting its varied history. Foremost, the Sir Walter Scott Courthouse, a monument commemorating the novelist's time as sheriff of Selkirkshire. The Halliwel's House Museum displays Selkirk's vibrant history, from its Roman origins to its prosperous woollen heritage. Lastly, Selkirk Common, an expansive area of open moorland, offers stunning views and represents the annual common riding tradition of Selkirk to commemorate its history and culture.

Landmarks we love

  • The Three Brethren: Situated on Sunderland Hill, this spot gives stunning panoramic views of the Selkirkshire countryside. Three cairns erected by the lairds of Selkirk, Philiphaugh, and Yair to mark the boundary of their estates stand tall here.
  • Auld Kirk: The remnants of Selkirk's ancient parish church and graveyard dating back to the 12th century offer a profound sense of the region's ecclesiastical history.
  • The Fleece Bar and Kitchen: The artistry isn’t only in the scenery but also in local businesses. This hidden gem in the centre of Selkirk delivers sumptuous food with commendable service. A fantastic place to dine and absorb the local flavour.
  • Selkirk Farmers Market: This is where the town becomes a vibrant marketplace every month, showcasing local products and produce adding to the allure of Selkirk's burst of local pride.
  • Lochcarron of Scotland Visitor Center: A must-visit for understanding the intricacies of tartan-weaving and the region’s textile history.

Top 10 things to do in Selkirkshire

  • Selkirk Town: Explore the picturesque town of Selkirk, with its charming old buildings and historical narratives.
  • Border Abbey Trail: This trail connects 4 important historical abbeys and touches Selkirk on its route, offering a fabulous introspective on regional history.
  • Eildon Hill: Enjoy magnificent views across Border from the triple peaks of this ancient hill fort.
  • Ettrick and Yarrow Valleys: Offering spectacular scenic views, opportunities for hill walking, bird watching and exploring local plants.
  • Yarrow Stone: Visit the 9th-century Yarrow Stone, an important relic that recounts ancient lore and the earliest known narrative Gaelic poetry.
  • Mountain Biking: With popular nature trails like Innerleithen and Glentress nearby, Selkirkshire offers thrilling biking experiences.
  • Bowhill House and Country Park: Spend a day exploring the grand estate and appreciating artwork at the house museum.
  • The Ian Stark Equestrian Centre: Try horse riding lessons or join one of their horse trekking experiences.
  • Stockholm Inn: Sample traditional Scottish dishes and local ales in this classic Inn.
  • The Woll Golf Course: Enjoy a round of golf at this beautiful golf course located in the scenic Ale Water Valley.

Our recommended areas to live in Selkirkshire

  • Lindean: For those interested in country living, Lindean offers a picturesque hamlet surrounded by sublime natural beauty.
  • Selkirk Town: As the main settlement in Selkirkshire, Selkirk itself welcomes you with its historical charm and local facilities.
  • Yarrow Valley: If you'd like to live close to nature, the frequented Yarrow Valley would be ideal. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Bowhill: Not far from Selkirk, lies the Bowhill estate, which includes several desirable country homes.
  • Philiphaugh: Famous for its community estate and salmon ladder, Philiphaugh offers a warm, welcoming, and nature-nurtured locality.

Best schools in Selkirkshire

Education in Selkirkshire boasts strong connections with traditions while preparing learners for the future. The public school sector includes Selkirk High School, one of Scotland’s higher academic achievers, and several primary schools like Philiphaugh Community School, Knowepark Primary, and Yarrow Primary. Each of them offer a strong learning environment and academic support. For younger children, the pre-schooling facilities in Gandalf's Nursery and Selkirk's Rhymetime are exemplary.

Transport links in Selkirkshire

Selkirkshire is conveniently placed for access to Edinburgh, which is approximately one hour by car. The X95 bus route provides a thorough service to Edinburgh and Carlisle. The largest nearest railway stations are at Galashiels and Tweedbank. Selkirk is easily linked to other notable towns in the region such as Galashiels, Melrose, and Hawick. For cyclists and walkers, numerous paths and trails crisscross the area.

Selkirkshire unrolls a life tuned to a gentler, more harmonious rhythm. It offers breathtaking landscapes, historical remnants, a warm welcoming community, and a fulfilling lifestyle. Whether you are a history buff, nature lover, or someone seeking peace and tranquillity, there's a corner in Selkirkshire waiting for you. Its carrying tides of history, alluring scenery, excellent education, efficient transport links, and rich culture assure a life of rich experiences. In Selkirkshire, you don't just live, you thrive.

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