Nestled on the border of Wales in the West Midlands, Shropshire is an English gem that has managed to keep itself a bit of a secret. This quaint and picturesque county, fondly known as 'the Shire', boasts a unique blend of rural peace and historically rich towns and cities.

In this guide, we delve into the life that awaits you in Shropshire, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. From stunning landmarks and activities to highly-rated schools and luxury properties, Shropshire offers an idyllic balance of country living without forfeiting the convenience of urban necessities. You'll learn more about the property rates, transport links, educational institutions, and historical significance that make this county an appealing dwelling spot.

The History of Shropshire

Shropshire's history unfurls in a tale of royal conquests, industrial breakthroughs, and countryside tranquillity. Its roots dig deep into the Roman era when it served as a vital stronghold against Welsh rebellion. Later, it became a significant settlement in the Saxon kingdom of Mercia.

Shropshire's crowning glory is perhaps its pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution. Birthplace of the famed engineer, Abraham Darby, the area became a beacon of innovation and change, with the world's first iron bridge erected over the River Severn in the town aptly named Ironbridge. Today, this historical heritage is beautifully preserved in the Ironbridge Gorge Museums.


Shropshire is renowned for its range of iconic landmarks, dominated by Intersting architecture, historic sites, and beautiful landscapes. Dominating this list is certainly the Ironbridge—a world heritage site, Shrewsbury—an eccentric market town with a wealth of medieval history,& and the spectacular Shropshire Hills that encompass an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Landmarks We Love

  • The Severn Bridge: Routinely trafficked yet often underappreciated, this edifice straddling the Severn offers brethtaking views amidst everyday journey.
  • Stokesay Castle: One of the best-preserved medieval fortified manor houses in England, this castle spins a unique narrative of Shropshire's past.
  • The Wrekin: A hill prominent in local folktales, the Wrekin is a worthwhile climb for panoramic views.
  • Ludlow Castle: Witness to pivotal historical events, this castle now sets a beautiful backdrop to the lively Ludlow Festival.
  • Attingham Park: An 18th-century mansion surrounded by acres of parkland, it's an idyllic spot for a family day out.

Top 10 Things to Do in Shropshire

  • Explore Acton Scott Historic Working Farm: Step into the past and immerse yourself in Victorian farm life in this unique museum.
  • Marvel at Stokesay Court: Tour this Victorian country house and opulent gardens which were the location for the movie ‘Atonement’.
  • Visit Carding Mill Valley: Spend a day exploring the wildlife and enjoying the picturesque views of this popular beauty spot.
  • Discover Hawkstone Park Follies: Wander through this garden of magical caves, towers, and grottoes.
  • Enjoy Royal Air Force Museum Cosford: A leading museum dedicated to aviation, featuring historical aircraft and interactive exhibits.
  • Shop at Shrewsbury Market: Get a taste of local products and crafts at the diverse indoor market.
  • Experience the Ironbridge Gorge Museums: A set of 10 museums that provide an in-depth look into the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.
  • Visit Blists Hill Victorian Town: See, taste, and even smell what life was like in the Victorian era in this living museum.
  • Explore Wroxeter Roman City: Visit one of the largest Roman cities in Britain and visualize its past grandeur.
  • Wander in Ludlow: This medieval town offers a lively market, food fairs, and the fascinating Ludlow Castle.

Our Recommended Areas to Live in Shropshire

  • Shrewsbury: Offering an eclectic mix of ancient meets modern, this county town brims with charming Tudor architecture, a medieval castle, and vibrant markets. Notably renowned for its top-performing schools, Shrewsbury provides an excellent option for families.
  • Ludlow: The food capital of Shropshire, Ludlow boasts Michelin Star restaurants alongside its historical presence. A town of festivals, it homes Ludlow Castle which hosts the Ludlow Festival, Food Festival and much more. Properties range from elegant townhouses to picturesque country cottages.
  • Bridgnorth: Divided into High Town and Low Town, this underrated spot offers affordable housing options both in the town and the surrounding villages. The town's steep streets and charming character excellently mirror Shropshire's essence.
  • Ironbridge: Embodying the Industrial Revolution's spirit, this historical town is home to Ironbridge Gorge, a famed World Heritage Site. Renowned for its vibrant cultural scene and spectacular river views, it's a perfect family-friendly town.
  • Telford: As one of the region's economic powerhouses, Telford offers urban living within minutes of the Shropshire countryside. It houses a shopping centre, numerous parks, highly-rated schools, and convenient transport links.

Best Schools in Shropshire

Shropshire presents a broad array of excellent education institutes, ranking amongst the best in the UK. Shrewsbury School, an independent boarding school noted for its strong academic and sporting success, inevitably takes a top spot. Other admired institutions include Concord College, famed for its international ethos and exceptional exam results, and Adcote School for Girls, known for its holistic approach towards education.

The county also boasts several outstanding state schools such as Church Stretton School and Belvidere School, both rated 'outstanding' by Ofsted. Meanwhile, primary schools like St. Georges in Clun, and St. Laurence's in Church Stretton, have an impressive record for their nurturing and vibrant learning environments.

Transport Links in Shropshire

Shropshire's transport system is instrumental in making it an attractive dwelling spot. Aided by its central location in England, it presents a well-rounded mix of road, rail, and air connections. The M54, A49, and A5 highways provide comfortable road access to the major cities of Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool. Furthermore, the county enjoys key rail links, ensuring hassle-free journeys to London and other significant destinations. Birmingham International Airport, around an hour's drive from Shropshire, offers a gateway to global locations for international travel. What sets Shropshire apart, though, are the quieter rural lanes that provide picturesque journeys around its various towns and villages.

To conclude, Shropshire presents a harmonious blend of history, culture, and rural charm. The strength of community spirit, combined with remarkable institutions, vibrant towns, and awe-inspiring landscapes, places it high among the list of desirable places to live. Whilst more commonly known towns like Shrewsbury and Ludlow have their popularity, smaller towns such as Bridgnorth and Ironbridge are equally enticing. Shropshire proves that whether you prefer a bustling town centre, a cultural haven, a countryside retreat, or a combination of all three, you can find it here.

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