How to Choose an Estate Agency to Sell Your Property

Why Use Estate Agents to Sell Your Property?


Many sellers of properties in the UK, be them residential or commercial properties, choose to use the services of an estate agent. Amongst other things, the expertise, platform and network of estate agents allow sellers to sell their property at the right price, quickly and to the right buyer. An estate agency is able to market properties effectively, manage enquiries and viewings, and negotiate the sale price. In addition to this, they can be in regular contact with solicitors to keep the process moving.


Expert Knowledge

Firstly, sellers can benefit hugely from the expertise and experience of estate agents. Their training and work with other clients mean that they can value houses for sale and set a realistic goal for the sale price of your property. 


Marketing to the Right Audience

Estate agents market your property for you on main platforms, ensuring that your property reaches a wide range of potential buyers. They can also use their extensive network to market directly to buyers who are looking for houses for sale similar to yours.


Management of Enquiries and Viewings

Managing enquiries and organising and conducting viewings can take a big chunk of time, and isn’t an easy thing to do if you don’t have a lot of experience. Working with an estate agent will mean that this pressure is taken off you.



Estate agents are skilled negotiators, working to find a sale price that works for both the buyer and the seller. This is a huge help in the process of selling a house, as you know there is someone on your side trying to get you a great deal.


Speeding Up the Process

Selling a house can often take months, and numerous factors can mean that the process is interrupted and delayed. Working with an estate agent means that you can trust that the selling process is being moved along by all parties as quickly as possible.


How to Choose an Estate Agency

Before choosing an estate agent, you’ll want to carry out some research on the types of contracts that each estate agent offers, their qualifications, testimonials and recommendations and the influence that the estate agent has in the local area.



Most estate agencies offer two types of contracts: sole agency and joint agency. A sole agency contract means that you agree to market the property exclusively with that agent, whereas a joint agency contract means that you can instruct more than one agent to market the property. Speak to your local estate agency to determine whether they offer both options, and if so, what fees are associated with each type of contract.



It is also important to consider the professional qualifications and memberships of the estate agent you intend to work with. Does the estate agent undertake regular training of their staff? Are they a member of a redress scheme? Are they compliant with money laundering regulations? Are they certified by a professional body such as RICS or NAEA?



It’s relatively straightforward to look for reviews and testimonials of an estate agent online, to find out how other customers have found their service. This is hugely beneficial for you to do when selecting the right estate agent to market your property, as is getting recommendation from local friends and family who have marketed houses for sale with them.