What Type of Property Should I Rent?

When you’re deciding what type of property you should rent, you’ll need to assess three main factors. Firstly, the location will have an impact on whether there are more flats to rent or houses to rent. Secondly, your budget will impact whether you can rent a house or flat in certain areas, and thirdly, the size of the property you require will limit your options for houses and flats to rent.

Assessing the Location

The location you want to live in will have an impact on the type of property you can rent. For example, there tend to be fewer houses to rent available in city centres because space is at a premium.

If you would like to live in amongst the hustle and bustle of city centre with restaurants, bars and shopping at your fingertips, then a flat to rent is probably going to be a realistic option. On the contrary, if you want to live in a more suburban setting, with schools nearby, for example, then a house is probably going to be a more realistic option.

Of course, this depends on the area you are looking in. To find out about the options for renting a property in your local area of Cheshire or Lancashire get in touch with one of Real Move’s qualified letting agents today.

Your Budget

Another consideration when looking at properties to rent in your area is your budget. Houses tend to be more private than flats and are therefore slightly more expensive than renting apartments, but this depends on factors such as the size and exact location of the property.

Before you decide on a property to rent , consider your other monthly outgoings. How much will it cost to heat the property? Will you need to pay parking permits if you don’t have access to a driveway or car park? What will it cost to use public transport in the area? Are there extra fees for the management of the block, if it’s a flat?

Get in touch with an experienced letting agent from Real Move to find out more information about what might be more suitable for your budget.

Required Property Size

If you are wanting to rent with your family or a number of friends and require more than three bedrooms, it is likely that a house will be a better option for you. This is because there will be more choice on the market than for large apartments.

If you’re looking for houses to rent or flats to rent in Lancashire or Cheshire, get in touch with a Real Move agent to discuss your options.